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Restoring Life to the Community

We are Glory Life Community Center, Inc. (GLCC), a not-for-profit organization and public charity 170 (b) (1) (a) (vi). Our Federal EIN number is 26-0556910. We are located in south east Orlando and have been in existence for ten years.

Our Mission Statement is “Restoring life to our community“. We endeavor to restructure the lives of individuals by educating them in every area of life that they may be empowered to live with purpose and to their fullest potential.

Our Target Population is generally to the Sky Lake area, however, our facility is open to anyone who wants to take part in our activities and the use of our community center.

The Vision of GLCC is:
Event Center and Banquet Hall for local concerts, food and toy distribution, community conferences, weddings and various social events.

Blended Learning School and Daycare Center to provide individualized learning for our youth and children.

Senior Day Center where active seniors can interact with peers and make new friends through activities, and field trips.  Also, they can implement their wisdom and love to our youth and children by being involved in their daily education.

Youth Center to provide after school and weekend activities and homework assistance. We are currently providing a free summer camp at the community center called Career Camp. Career Camp focuses on the development of career needs for students 14-21 years old with IEP’s and 504 plans. Click contact me below for more information today!

For the past ten years we have provided health screenings, clothing, holiday meals and toys to our community as well as adopting a local elementary school. We are excited to make a larger impact by providing education, skills and jobs for our community. Our commitment is to continue “restoring life to our community”.

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Restoring Life to the Community

651 W. Lancaster Rd. Orlando, FL 32809

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